BAAVSS Chart Catalogue

The section publishes detailed charts with labelled sequence comparisons.

A full catalogue of charts can be found on the external VSS website. Follow the charts link in the sidebar on the left side of the page.

All reasonably well drawn and specifically all charts numbered xxx.xx are now available here. They have been listed by constellation and the following information may assist in deciphering the particular chart reference. Where a chart is named UU Aql 9d 002.02, for example, the star designation is followed by the constellation (except in the case of objects such as Markarian509). Where applicable, the chart size is then shown. In this case it is a 9 degree chart, but other examples might be 20m for a 20 minute chart. Where there is only one chart for a particular variable (as with Binocular Charts), the size is not given. Next comes the standard notation adopted for more modern VSS charts i.e. xxx.xx. If this notation is not given and the chart only has a date, this is not given. It will be necessary to look at the chart itself to see the date. In addition, where a chart has more than one Section variable on it, each chart is now listed separately. (This has also been done to keep the chart name to a manageable length).

Observers are advised to report full estimates using the latest charts because such information can be useful during analyses, or if the sequence is revised at a later date.

Paper copies of all “VSS” charts are available from the Chart Secretary, John Toone,  Hillside View, 17 Ashdale Road, Cressage, Shrewsbury, SY5 6DT.

I hope this will enable observers to keep up-to date more easily with the latest version of Section charts which will continue to be announced via the Circulars and electronically via BAAVSS-alert.

This catalogue (V15.0) lists all of the stars on the Section’s Variable Star Programme

Roger Pickard, Director

Printing Tip:  Some of the charts are too large to be printed direct from the web page.  Choose your chart, right click on the chart with the mouse and choose ‘copy’.  You can then paste into your own graphics program (PaintShop, Photoshop, Paint etc.) and choose your own scale to print.  If pasting into MS Word, you will need to resize the chart after pasting by dragging one of the corners until the chart is the required size.

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