Book Reviews

These reviews of books on astronomical topics are reprinted from the BAA Journal and can be read below without a subscription.

The Wow! List
2024 Feb 2
Kevin Quinn & Alan Beech

Eclipse chasers (ed. Nick Lomb & Toner Stevenson)
2023 Apr 2
Ed. Nick Lomb & Toner Stenenson

The sky is for everyone: Women astronomers in their own words
2022 Aug 9
Virginia Trimble & David A. Weintraub (eds.)

Discovering Mars
2022 Jun 1
William Sheehan & Jim Bell

Neptune: From grand discovery to a world revealed – essays on the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Couch Adams
2021 Nov 30
William Sheehan, Trudy E. Bell, Carolyn Kennett & Robert Smith (Eds.)

Solar Astronomy: Observing, imaging & studying the Sun
2021 Nov 30
Christian Viladrich (Ed.)

Planetary Astronomy
2021 Jul 30
Christophe Pellier (Ed.)

Vera Rubin: A life
2021 May 31
Jacqueline Mitton & Simon Mitton

Tycho Brahe and the measure of the heavens
2021 Feb 3
John Robert Christianson

Yearbook of astronomy 2021
2020 Dec 4
Brian Jones

2020 Jun 4
William Sheehan

An anthology of visual double stars
2020 Feb 3
Bob Argyle, Mike Swan & Andrew James