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BAA Christmas Meeting 2023
9 December 2023

We will be holding our 2023 Christmas Meeting on Saturday 9th December from 2pm to 7pm at the Instit

BAA Meeting

Deep Sky Section Webinar
11 January 2024

An online meeting of the Deep Sky Section will be held on Thursday January 11th 2024 from 19:30 to a

Deep Sky

BAA Meeting
20 January 2024

We will be holding a meeting on Saturday 20th January 2023 from 14:30 to 18:00 at the Institute of P

BAA Meeting

SPA Meeting
24 January 2024

The Society for Popular Astronomy are holding a meeting and their AGM on 24th January 2024, 14:00–17

Non-BAA Meeting

Artist's concept of KOI-872/Kepler-46, courtesy of Southwest Research Institute
Exoplanet Division software tutorial – Online meeting
10 February 2024

A selection of user-friendly software packages mentioned at the 2023 September 30 mtg will be presen

BAA Meeting | Exoplanets

BAA Meeting
27 March 2024

We will be holding a meeting on Wednesday 27th March 2023 from 17:00 to 20:00 at the Institute of Ph

BAA Meeting

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24 November 2023

Solar Section Zoom Meeting

The BAA Solar Section will be holding a Zoom meeting on Friday 24th November at 7:30pm (UK time). Th

BAA Meeting | Solar

22 November 2023

Historical Section Webinar – Prof Nick Lomb: “Australian Eclipses 1857 and 1871”

We welcome Professor Nick Lomb of the University of Southern Queensland; co-editor of “Eclipse Chase

Webinar | Historical

25 October 2023

BAA AGM 2023

We will be holding our AGM on Wednesday 25th October from 17:00 to 20:00 at the Institute of Physics

BAA Meeting

30 September 2023

Variations on an Exoplanet theme (revised date) – Online Meeting

EXPLORE – EXoPLanet Orbit Research The BAA’s Exoplanet Division will be holding a webinar on the top

28 September 2023

Deep Sky Zoom

Galaxy cluster Abell 1656 by Graham Winstanley An on-line meeting of the Deep Sky Section will be he

BAA Meeting | Webinar | Deep Sky

22 September 2023

BAA Autumn Meeting 2023 – Practical Amateur Astronomy

We will be holding our Autumn meeting from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September 2023 in Leicester. T

BAA Meeting

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