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possible supernova AT 2021aai...
Robin Leadbeater (11 replies). Updated 2021 Jan 18.
ER Uma and RZ Lmi:...
Stewart Bean (12 replies). Updated 2021 Jan 18.
Quadrantids 2021
Bill Ward (2 replies). Updated 2021 Jan 17.
IX Dra: observations requested
Jeremy Shears (41 replies). Updated 2021 Jan 16.
American Astronomical Society...
Michael E. Marotta (2 replies). Updated 2021 Jan 15.
Dismantling EQ6
Grant Privett (20 replies). Updated 2021 Jan 15.

Sky Notes

Sky Notes : 2020 December & 2021 January
Nick reminds us that in the deep midwinter, we have the longest nights so if skies are clear, this is the astronomers’ dream season
Sky Notes : 2020 October & November
Nick suggests looking to the 'watery constellations' using Pegasus as a guide after the excitement of the Mars Opposition
Sky Notes - August & September
Plenty to see as Nick explains: The Summer Triangle, Small Summer Constellations, Spectacular Planets