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Recent Observations

NGC 2264
Ollie Garrett, 2019 Jan 31
Comet 60P/Tsuchinshan
Damian Peach, 2019 Jan 06
Bill Leatherbarrow, 2018 Jul 05
Carl Bowron, 2018 May 24
Alan Tough, 2017 Feb 10

Discussion Forums

Winchester: Pete and Paul...
Paul G. Abel (2 replies). Updated 2019 Apr 19.
Bailly and the terminator
David Arditti (0 replies). Updated 2019 Apr 18.
Lunar crater Blagg
Jeremy Shears (3 replies). Updated 2019 Apr 18.
Group Projects for Societies
Tracey Snelus (10 replies). Updated 2019 Apr 16.
Something interesting by M88
Gary Poyner (1 replies). Updated 2019 Apr 15.
Very bright fireball on...
Nick James (3 replies). Updated 2019 Apr 15.

Sky Notes

Sky Notes: 2019 April & May
Brian highlights the Sombrero Galaxy and some fine Globulars for these notes
Sky Notes: 2019 February & March
Brian suggests observing a Ghost and a Heart for these sky notes
Sky Notes: 2018 December & 2019 January
The Geminids put on a show and a Lunar Eclipse in January to put in your diary