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Deadline for photometry and...
Andy Wilson (0 replies). Updated 2021 Aug 01.
Solar eclipses from elsewhere...
James Dawson (1 replies). Updated 2021 Aug 01.
Nova Vul 2021
Jeremy Shears (21 replies). Updated 2021 Jul 31.
Long run of BAA Journal and...
Richard McKim (2 replies). Updated 2021 Jul 31.
New Solar Astronomy Book
Jack Martin (8 replies). Updated 2021 Jul 31.
Help with presenters
Robert Mount (1 replies). Updated 2021 Jul 30.

Sky Notes

Sky Notes 2021 August & September
Nick reminds us the Milky Way and its riches are at their best for UK observers in the longer nights of the Summer
Sky Notes 2021 : June & July
Nick suggests looking for several objects of historical interest including a controversial Messier Object, a planetary nebula and a naked green star!
Sky Notes : 2021 April & May
As Nick reminds us, nights for observing are now shortening but Spring is the season of 'the Bear'