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Recent Observations

Messier 78
Trevor Green, 2020 Jan 14
Pete Lawrence, 2019 Nov 11
Comet 60P/Tsuchinshan
Damian Peach, 2019 Jan 06
Bill Leatherbarrow, 2018 Jul 05
Alan Tough, 2017 Feb 10

Discussion Forums

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Martin Lewis (1 replies). Updated 2020 Feb 20.
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Museum of Moon at Rochester...
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Sky Notes

Sky Notes for February and March 2020
Nick's 1st Sky Notes: Orion still visible but giving way to the early Spring galaxies
Sky Notes: 2019 December & 2020 January
Brian says take the opportunity to observe or image old favourites such as the Great Orion Nebula (M42), as well as the Flame (NGC 2024) and Horsehead (Barnard 33) for his last Sky Notes
Sky Notes: 2019 October & November
Brian suggests observing some open clusters, many being easy binocular objects