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Microlensing event - Gaia21efs
Roger Dymock (18 replies). Updated 2021 Dec 07.
JPL "Exoplanet Watch...
Robin Leadbeater (0 replies). Updated 2021 Dec 07.
Guidance on used prices
Tim Kearsley (10 replies). Updated 2021 Dec 06.
BAA Christmas Meeting
Alan Thomas (6 replies). Updated 2021 Dec 06.
J-BAA Electronic
Paul Anthony Brierley (7 replies). Updated 2021 Dec 06.
Which webcam
Jack Martin (5 replies). Updated 2021 Dec 03.

Sky Notes

Sky Notes : 2021 December & 2022 January
The long winter nights are with us again and astronomers hope for clear, sparkling, star-studded skies. Nick guides us through the many wonders to be seen on the forthcoming cold nights.
Sky Notes : 2021 October & November
Nick reminds us it is 25 years since a UK Amateur discovered an extragalactic supernova plus many other deep sky objects on show.
Sky Notes 2021 August & September
Nick reminds us the Milky Way and its riches are at their best for UK observers in the longer nights of the Summer