Saturn, Uranus & Neptune

Mike Foulkes
Mike Foulkes

Welcome to the BAA Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section.

In these pages, you will find information on how to observe these fascinating worlds. You will also find information on how to contribute to the section’s activities in line with the section’s observational programme. Observations may be made by visually or by imaging techniques. Visual report forms can be downloaded from this webpage.

A brief history of the section is also given with a list of past section directors.

Starting in 2020, there is now a running commentary on the current observations of each of these planets which will be updated every few weeks. A selection of observations made by section members is given in the Apparition Gallery section.

Apparition reports are made based upon the analysis of all observations submitted. These reports are published in the BAA Journal and recent ones are available on this website.

A brief listing is also given of the spacecraft that have visited these planets.

Membership of the section is open to all members of the British Astronomical Association. Observational material, written contributions and correspondence are however welcome from anyone with an interest in any of these three planets.

For further information, please contact the director.


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