Mira Predictions – 2018

Predicted Dates for Maximum and Minimum of Mira Stars on the BAAVSS programme.

Predictions are shown only to the nearest month when the star can be seen at Maximum or Minimum.  This is done simply to avoid bias!

Where two months are given, the prediction could be in the latter of one or the beginning of the other.

At present there are no BAA charts for SU Cnc, U CVn, RT CVn, RS Leo & X Lyn.  Please use the AAVSO VSP for these stars.

*=Extreme Range.  <=Fainter than.  ~= Approximately.  M-m = the fraction of the period taken in rising from Min.(m) to Max.(M).

These predictions can also be found in the BAA Handbook.

Star Range Period (days) (M-m)/P Max Min
R And 6.9-14.3 409d 0.38 Jly/Aug Feb/Mar
W And 7.4-13.7 396d  0.42 Feb/Mar Oct
RW And 8.7-14.8 430d 0.36   — Sep/Oct
A Aqr        6.5-10.3 387d 0.42      Jun/Jly   Jan
R Aql 6.1-11.5 284d 0.42 Aug Apr
UV Aur* 7.4-10.6 394d 0.50 Sep/Oct Apr/May
V Cam 9.9-15.4 522d 0.31 Dec 18/Jan 19 Jly/Aug
X Cam 8.1-12.6 144d 0.49 Feb, Jly, Nov/Dec Apr/May, Sep
SU Cnc* 10.5-<15.4 187d 0.43   Feb, Aug May/Jun, Nov/Dec
U CVn 9.9-14.6  346d 0.37  Jly Mar
RT CVn* 9.9-<15.0 254 0.45 May Jan/Feb, Sep/Oct


Star Range Period (days) (M-m)/P Max Min
S Cas 9.7-14.8 612d 0.43 —  Jun
T Cas 7.9-11.9 445d 0.56 Jun/Jly
o Cet 3.4-9.3 332d 0.38 Jan, Nov/Dec Jly/Aug
R Com 8.5-14.2 363d 0.38   Aug Mar/Apr
S CrB 7.3-12.9 360d 0.35 Aug Apr
V CrB 7.5-11.0 358d 0.41   Oct  May 
W CrB 8.5-13.5 238d 0.45 Jly Mar/Apr, Nov
R Cyg 7.5-13.9 426d 0.35 May 
S Cyg 10.3-16.0 323d 0.50 Aug Mar
V Cyg 9.1-12.8 421d 0.46 Apr/May Dec
chi Cyg 5.2-13.4 408d 0.41 Dec Jun/Jly


Star Range Period (days) (M-m)/P Max Min
T Dra 9.6-12.3 422d 0.44 Jly/Aug Jan/Feb
RU Her 8.0-13.0 485d 0.43 Jun
SS Her 9.2-12.4 107d 0.48 Jan/Feb, May, Aug/Sep, Dec 18/Jan 19 Mar/Apr, Jly, Oct/Nov
R Hya 4.5-9.5 389d 0.49 Oct Apr
SU Lac* 10.3-<15.0 302d     0.40 Sep/Oct May/Jun
RS Leo 9.7-<15.5 208d 0.31 Jun/Jly Apr/May, Nov/Dec
W Lyn 9.9-~15.0 295d 0.40  May Jan, Oct/Nov
X Lyn 10.2-~15.0 321d 0.40 May/Jun Jan, Nov/Dec
X Oph 6.8-8.8 329d 0.53 Mar/Apr Aug/Sep
U Ori 6.3-12.0 368d 0.38 Apr/May Dec
R Ser 6.9-13.4 356d 0.41 Jun/Jly Jan/Feb
T UMa 7.7-12.9 257d 0.41 Feb, Oct/Nov Jly


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