Each year the BAAVSS choose a particular Variable Star which will be of interest to both the general
observer and Variable Star observer alike.  These then appear in the BAA Handbook, along with any
light curves and charts.

Here is a complete list of VSOTY which have appeared in the BAA Handbook.

Please note.  Charts accompanying the articles may have been updated since original publication or be of an
inferior quality due to reproduction. If a chart link appears next to the document link, please use that chart and
not the one embedded in the PDF.

2018    VV Cep

2017    T Cas   (chart)

2016    Z And   (chart)

2015    V Boo  (chart)

2014    X Oph  (chart)

2013    RR Tau  (chart)

2012    eta Gem (chart)

2011    Z UMa   (chart)

2010    epsilon Aur   (chart)

2009    IP Peg    (Chart)

2008    U Ori      (Chart)

2007    AM Her  (Chart)

2006    U Cep     (Chart)

2005    RS Oph   (Chart)

2004    Z Cam    (Chart)

2003    R CrB     (Chart)

2002     HU Tau   (Chart)

2001    X Cam    (Chart)

2000    U Gem   (Chart)

1999    RZ Cas   (Chart)

1998    CH Cyg  (Chart)

1997    V CVn    (Chart)

1996    R Sct      (Chart)

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