Historical Papers

* = Latest update (March 29, 2013)

British Variable Star Associations, 1848-1908.
Author: J. Toone   JBAA 120, 3 2010

The British Astronomical Association Variable Star Section 1890-2011
Author: J. Toone  JAAVSO Vol 40, 2012

The astronomizings of Dr. Anderson and the curious case of his disappearing Nova.
Author: J. Shears   JBAA 123, 5 2013

Thomas Hinsley Astbury: from an English market town schoolroom to the internal constitution of the stars
Author: J. Shears    JBAA 124, 2 2014

Charles Lewis Brook: third Director of the BAA Variable Star Section
Author: J. Shears  JBAA 122, 1 2012

br />Arthur Neville Brown: Schoolmaster and Variable Star Observer
Author: J. Shears  JBAA 124, 3 2014

Limb Projections on Saturn
Author: J. Shears & R. Baum   JBAA 123, 3 2013

John Ellard Gore: of immensity and minuteness
Author: J. Shears  JBAA 123, 2 2013

The historic outbursts of T CrB revisited.
Author: J. Toone   BAAVSSC 136, Dec 2008

William Maximilian Lindley: Fifth Director of the BAA Variable Star Section
Author: J. Shears  JBAA 122, 3 2012

Ernest Elliott Markwick: variable stars and military campaigns
Author: J. Shears  JBAA 122, 6 2012

Felix de Roy: a life of variable stars
Author: J. Shears  JBAA 121, 4 2011

Dr. Harold Whichello: Medicine and Astronomy in Cheshire  *
Authors: J. Shears & T. Hull    JBAA 124, 6 2014

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