Eclipse Predictions

Mid-Eclipse predictions for Eclipsing Binaries

and Cataclysmic Variables  

Useful and up to date information on eclipses can be obtained from the web site of the Mount Suhora Observatory, near
Krakow, Poland. The site is called ‘ An Atlas of O-C Diagrams of Eclipsing Binary Stars’.

If you click on ‘ Table of Contents’ you will go to a constellation page. If, for example, you click on ‘ Cas’ you will see a
list of all the EBs in Cassiopeia. Click on the second star ‘RZ’ and you will open pages devoted to RZ Cassiopeia, a well known
bright EB system. The pages include links to references in the literature and a reference to ‘ current minima and phase’.
Clicking on that reference will take you to a page that lists the minima for the next seven days from the time of looking at the site.

The light elements recorded on the ‘ current minima and phase’ are either the latest elements in the literature or the latest
submitted to Krakow privately. Sometimes the latest elements can be years old if an EB system is not observed frequently.
The times of minima can be well out. On one occasion I observed a minimum which was seven days out. The ‘ latest’ elements in that case had been over twenty years old.

Please get in contact if you have any queries about the Krakow database.

Eclipsing Binary predictions – where to find them.

BAAVSS Predictions for Mid-Eclipse

July 2018 EA

July 2018 EB

August 2018 EA

August 2018 EB

A number of CV’s also show eclipses. The link below provides mid eclipse times for AY Psc, GY Cnc, HT Cas,
EM Cyg, EX Dra, U Gem, DQ Her, IP Peg, DV UMa and IY UMa.

Eclipse predictions for selected Cataclysmic Variables

BAA calculator for the time between successive eclipses of your chosen object

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