Observation by Richie Jarvis: The Eastern Veil - Richie Jarvis

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Richie Jarvis


2009 Dec 31 - 14:00


2009 Dec 31 - 14:00


The Eastern Veil Nebula (Caldwell 33)

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Field centre

RA: 20h56m
Dec: +31°26'
Position angle: +83°10'

Field size

1°28' × 1°06'


The Eastern Veil - Richie Jarvis

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Image Details: Date: 2009-07-12, 15, 24 and 25 Location: South Common Observatory, South Chailey, UK Scope: Astro Professional 102ED Camera: SXV-H9 Guide Scope: Celestron C8 Guide Camera: SX Guidehead Exposure (Ha 2 frames): 12 x 600 seconds Exposure (OIII 2 frames): 12 x 600 seconds

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