Observation by Honor Wheeler: Multiple Halos

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Honor Wheeler


Honor Wheeler


2010 Mar 03 - 15:41


2020 Feb 24 - 23:11

  • Fuji E550

Wilmington, Kent

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Halo display


Multiple Halos

About this image

This is an old image taken in 2010 but I thought it worth sharing. It's a multiple halo display and shows a number of different optical phenomenon. In the UK 22 degree Halos, Parhelia or Sundogs and Circumzenithal arc's can often be seen. This image, while including those, also shows a faint Supralateral arc, an upper Tangent arc and a Suncave parry arc. I forwarded this image at the time to optics specialist Les Cowley and he confirmed all the phenomena imaged and commented that this was a rare occurrence for the UK. I must remind everyone to be careful when imaging these phenomena as direct viewing or imaging of an unfiltered Sun is dangerous.

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