Observation by Bob Winter: IC 5146 (The Cocoon Nebula) by Bob Winte...

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Bob Winter


2011 Aug 10 - 15:46


2011 Aug 10 - 15:46


The Cocoon Nebula (IC5146)

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Field centre

RA: 21h53m
Dec: +47°19'
Position angle: -140°18'

Field size

0°50' × 0°34'


IC 5146 (The Cocoon Nebula) by Bob Winter

About this image
Thiswide angle shot of the Cocoonshows the Dark Molecular Cloud Barnard 168 in the background. It was taken from a London roof top on 5th August 2011 usinga Takahashi FSQ 85 Refractor andQSI 583 Camera. The LRBG image had a total exposure time of 125 minutes and used Astrodon L, 3nm Ha and 3nm Olll filters.
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