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Observation by : Comet C/2012 A2 Linear

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2012 Jan 19 - 10:51


2012 Jan 19 - 10:51


C/2012 A2 LINEAR
2 Pallas


Comet C/2012 A2 Linear

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Attached is a stack of 45 x 20 second exposures (total 15 minutes exposure), taken unbinned with the f/6 0.4-m Schmidt-Cass which gives a scale of 1.1"/pixel. I have doubled the size of the original and cropped the field down to 2.5 x 2.5 arcmin. At the time it was moving at 0.9 arcsec/min in p.a. 352 (almost due North) and showed a very slight glow to the SW (lower right) in several different sets of images. The measured diameter of the comet was about 1.5x the size of nearby stars of similar brightness
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