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Observation by Dale Holt: Sketch of NGC 6309 "The Box Nebula&...

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Dominic Ford (site admin)


Dale Holt


2012 Jul 02 - 11:24


2012 Jul 02 - 11:24


The The Box Nebula (NGC6309)


Sketch of NGC 6309 "The Box Nebula" by Dale Holt

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Dale comments: NGC 6309, the Box Nebula, is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Ophiuchus. It's a fairly dim target, having a mean surface brightness of only 11.0. I was drawn to observe this after my friend Frank McCabe had observed & sketched it 24hrs before from Chicago. I made this sketch using the 505mm mirror & Watec 120N+ video camera on a barely dark mid summer night 28th June 2012. North is up, East is left. Note the slightly 'Mummy' shape to the nebula, the mottling and dust lanes visible distinctly along the western upper edge. Also some nebulosity can be seen streaming to the east. Hope you findmy observation of thisdistant stellar remnant in our galaxy interesting?

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