Observation by Ian Sharp: The "Iris Nebula" by Ian Sharp

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Ian Sharp


2013 Oct 28 - 20:29


2013 Oct 28 - 20:29


The Iris Nebula (NGC7023)

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Field centre

RA: 21h01m
Dec: +68°10'
Position angle: -0°04'

Field size

0°56' × 0°42'


The "Iris Nebula" by Ian Sharp

About this image
Continuing the excellent series of images being sent in to us by member Ian Sharp,here is animage of Caldwell 4, NGC 7023,the "Iris Nebula" in Cepheus,taken back in August usingthe remote telescopeLightBuckets LB-0005, an ASA Orion Optics f/3.6 Newtonian. The image is anLRGB of60:20:20:20 minutes (all in 600 sec subs) andprocessed with PixInsight.
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