Observation by Nick Hewitt: A bright and colourful planetary in Taur...

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Nick Hewitt


Nick Hewitt


2013 Nov 01 - 00:00


2016 Nov 01 - 11:17


The Crystal Ball Nebula (NGC1514)

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Field centre

RA: 04h09m
Dec: +30°46'
Position angle: -170°56'

Field size

0°17' × 0°17'

  • TMB 115mm f7 triplet refractor
  • EQ6 mount
  • Starlight Xpress SXV-H9 CCD
  • O111 and RGB filters

O111 20 mins, RGB each 10 mins


Billing Northampton

Target name

NGC 1514 in Taurus


A bright and colourful planetary in Taurus

About this image

William Herschel was the first to suspect this star and nebula to be associated, rather than to be an unresolved cluster. The central star is easy at 9th magnitude and the surrounding nebula can reveal reasonable detail with larger apertures. Can visual observers detect any colour, a striking feature of modern colour images?

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