Observation by Fred Stevenson: 2014 Feb 13 - Fred Stevenson

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Callum Potter


Fred Stevenson


2014 Feb 13 - 23:30


2014 Feb 27 - 21:38


Hubble's Variable Nebula (NGC2261)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 06h39m
Dec: +08°44'
Position angle: -0°06'

Field size

0°11' × 0°09'


Andalsnes Observatory. Amersham


2014 Feb 13 - Fred Stevenson

About this image
Image attached –  Hubbles Variable Nebula (NGC 2261)
Image obtained – 2014/02/13 – Moon Full
Meade 14” SCT –
Atik 314L+ ccd camera binned 2x2
Narrow band filters:
Astronomik CLS filter, 2 mins  x13
Astronomik Ha filter,  2mins x 13
Astronomik Oii filter, 2 mins x 13
Astronomik Sii filter, 2 mins x 13
Processed in AIP4Win and Adobe Photoshop
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