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Observation by Andrew Ciavarella: Total Lunar Eclipse, September 2015

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Andrew Ciavarella


Andrew Ciavarella


2015 Sep 28 - 01:47


2017 Jun 10 - 16:28


The Moon

  • 250mm reflector
  • 25mm ortho. lens
  • Mobile phone camera

Taunton, Somerset

Target name



Total Lunar Eclipse, September 2015

About this image

Produced simply by placing mobile phone to eye piece of telescope and taking enough shots that one of them is usable.

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 Jun 10 - 18:47 UTC

A lovely series of images during the eclipse, what is more impressive is the kit you used. Thanks for sharing.

Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2017 Jun 10 - 19:34 UTC

welcome Andrew. Do upload some of your sketches too as we'd love to see them.


Andrew Ciavarella
Andrew Ciavarella, 2017 Jun 10 - 20:33 UTC

Thanks Jeremy, will do. I was looking back at the December 2016 JBAA earlier which reminded me of the new members pages. It's a fun feature.

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