Observation by Bill W: (Suspected) Southern Taurid Meteor

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Bill Ward


Bill W


2015 Oct 12 - 23:09


2019 Aug 11 - 16:51



  • WATEC 910 HX/RC
  • 12mm f0.8 Lens
  • 600 Lines/mm transmission grating

Kilwinning, North Ayrshire

Target name

Suspected Southern Taurid Meteor Spectrum


(Suspected) Southern Taurid Meteor

About this image

Here's the composite image, bit of curvature probably due to the interline read out. (like the bendy lamp-posts you get when using your smart phone camera from a car, as a passenger of course...)

Spectrum was taken from a small section just before second flare.

PS. One interesting thing to note is the dark feature to the right hand side of the brightest line in the grouping on the left of the image. Whilst most of the spectrum is discrete emission lines there is a faint continuum caused by the physical temperature of the meteor and it's plasma within the atmosphere. This dark narrow band is strong absorption from molecular oxygen at 761nm along the column length of atmosphere between the camera and the meteor. So that little waveband of light is soaked up by all those molecules along the way. Emission and absorption in one spectrum, quantum mechanics in action! ;-)

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