Observation by Mike Foylan: Galaxy M87

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Mike Foylan


Mike Foylan


2016 Feb 15 - 02:45


2019 Apr 28 - 15:44



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Field centre

RA: 12h30m
Dec: +12°23'
Position angle: +84°21'

Field size

0°46' × 0°37'

  • Celestron 0.2-m SCT
  • SBIG STL-1301E CCD Camera
  • Celestron CG5-GT Modified EQ Mount

90 Seconds each x3


Cherryvalley Observatory (I83) Ireland

Target name

M87 - Virgo A - NGC 4486


Galaxy M87

About this image

With the recent news about the amazing image and subsequent science data from the super massive black hole in M87 galaxy taken with the Event Horizon Telescope I remembered I had imaged M87 in the past and here it is.

While I don’t have a telescope the size of the Earth I am still amazed at what a small telescope can accomplish from ones back garden!

 Three images were taken of 90 seconds each (no filter) and calibrated (light plus dark frames). The three images were then combined in CCDSoft and a DDP filter applied.

One can see the forward facing relativistic jet which extends some 5,000 light years. M87 galaxy is truly enormous and dwarfs the Milky Way galaxy. It is classed as a supergiant elliptical galaxy located from our vantage point in the constellation of Virgo some 55 million light years distant.

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