Observation by Robert James Stuart: Pleiades M45

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Robert James Stuart


Robert James Stuart


2017 Jan 02 - 19:34


2017 Aug 22 - 10:30


The Pleiades (M45)

  • C8-N f5 Newtonian
  • SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro mount
  • Nikon D800

Stack of 5x 180s exposure iso 640


Rhayader Mid Wales

Target name

M45 Pleiades


Pleiades M45

About this image

This was a stack of 5 * 180s guided exposures with a Nikon D800 iso 640 with noise and long exposure reduction. Telescope was Celestron CN-8 f5 Newtonian. A Baader field flattener was used. Mount was Skywatcher EQ6 Pro.

Used to do a lot of astrophotography years ago on film, guiding by eye, so now getting back into it using digital means and auto guiders. This was one of my first images. Stacked manually and processed in Photoshop. 

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Dr James Dawson
Dr James Dawson, 2017 Aug 22 - 10:33 UTC

Amazing. so much nebulosity! Wow. Are the diffraction spikes all natural or augmented? A great capture. well done.

Robert James Stuart
Robert James Stuart, 2017 Aug 22 - 10:45 UTC

Thank you. The diffraction spikes are real, courtesy of the secondary mirror vanes. Some people like them, others don't!

I live in a dark sky site, so it was good to see so much nebulosity come out.

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