Observation by Grant Privett: Hinds Variable Nebula

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2017 Jan 04 - 22:15


2017 Jan 07 - 21:15



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Field centre

RA: 04h21m
Dec: +19°30'
Position angle: +90°54'

Field size

0°11' × 0°14'

  • Altair Astro 250mm RC Newtonian
  • Starlight mono 694 CCD at -35C
  • unfiltered

28x 60s exposures



Target name

NGC1555 and T- Tauri


Hinds Variable Nebula

About this image

Its been years since I imaged this. First time was 1995 with a 344x244 pixel CCD camera we made ourselves. Then it took summing a number of 20s images to show anything at all - the QE of the TI255 sensor was that bad. Things were better in the 2000's when I tried with a SXV-M7.

Tried again this evening and it was easy. The major features were apparent in a single frame. I will return again sometime, dither the images properly and go after the faint outer structure. Its a fascinating region of sky when you go deep. Probably best to wait until the Moon is out the way next time.

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