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Observation by Ray Emery: IC 1396_impressionist version

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Ray Emery


Ray Emery


2017 Feb 15 - 19:41


2017 Feb 15 - 19:41



  • Televue Genesis 100mm f5 refractor
  • Canon 700D modified
  • Astronomik CLS clip-in filter

Brinkhill Lincolnshire

Target name

IC 1396 Cepheus_impression


IC 1396_impressionist version

About this image

Something of an unexpected outcome - a rework in Gimp of an earlier image of this area. You can still make out the Elephant's Trunk! I quite like it myself. One can play with the colours for hours. One for the wall, perhaps...?

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 Feb 16 - 06:39 UTC

It's certainly different. Tate Modern might be contacting you :)

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