Observation by Alex Pratt: eta Virginid meteor - 2017 Mar 13 03:30:...

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Alex Pratt


2017 Mar 13 - 03:30


2017 Mar 13 - 20:27



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Field centre

RA: 02h19m
Dec: -02°02'
Position angle: -89°31'

Field size

0°06' × 0°05'

  • Watec 910 camera
  • Computar 12mm f/1.2 lens
  • UFO Capture software

25 frames/sec (50 fields/sec)


Leeds, West Yorkshire

Target name

eta Virginid meteor


eta Virginid meteor - 2017 Mar 13 03:30:06

About this image

This meteor was a slow long-pathed eta Virginid with an apparent mag of about 0.6. The variable cloud cover will affect this magnitude estimate.

The eta Virginids are one of several minor showers at this time of year. They radiate from an area almost in opposition with the Sun termed the antihelion source. In early spring it is located in Virgo.

We can expect to see a steady trickle of such events until meteor rates pick up again with the April Lyrids (April 22).

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