Observation by Robert James Stuart: Comet 41P

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Robert James Stuart


Robert James Stuart


2017 Mar 24 - 22:11


2017 Sep 02 - 12:01


41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak

  • Celestron CN-8 f5 Newtonian
  • EQ6 Pro mount
  • Nikon D800

iso 640 60s x 20 hand stacked


Rhayader Mid Wales

Target name

Comet 41P Tuttle - Giacobini-Kreisler


Comet 41P

About this image

Last comet I photographed was (years ago) Hale-Bopp, but 41P was a lot smaller, fainter and faster moving, and harder to find. Motion between each of 20 frames (60s long) was quite obvious and when cycling through the sequence produced a nice moving video. The 20 images were manually stacked in Photoshop CC and processed exposure, contrast, vibrance,saturation and clarity.

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Denis Buczynski
Denis Buczynski, 2017 Sep 02 - 12:39 UTC

Hi Robert,

Nice comet image, however I do not regognise the designation you have given for this object. P51 is not an official designation, can you clarlfy which conet this is.


Robert James Stuart
Robert James Stuart, 2017 Sep 02 - 17:41 UTC

Just noticed error thank you, it is Comet Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak. Hope this is better. 

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