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Observation by Steve Brown: ISS and Betelgeuse

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Steve Brown


Steve Brown


2017 Apr 03 - 19:09


2017 Apr 11 - 21:51



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h52m
Dec: +07°14'
Position angle: +30°15'

Field size

3°39' × 3°34'

  • Canon 600D
  • Star Adventurer tracking mount
  • 250mm lens

45 second exposure


Stokesley, North Yorkshire

Target name

ISS passing Betelgeuse


ISS and Betelgeuse

About this image

A different take on an ISS pass photograph. This image shows the ISS passing very close to the bright star Betelgeuse in Orion on the night of 3 April 2017. The space station was around magnitude -3 and the star is around magnitude 0.5.

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 Apr 12 - 03:18 UTC

Very nice - nearly an occultation.

What gives rise to the subtle brightening and dimming of the ISS trail?

Steve Brown
Steve Brown, 2017 Jun 06 - 16:05 UTC

Thanks. I think the slight variations in brightness could be due to the slight changes in orientation of the station as it passes over. Another possibility would be high level, thin cloud.

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