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Observation by Richard Miles: First observatory panel frame completed

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Richard Miles


Richard Miles


2017 Jun 29 - 20:20


2017 Jun 29 - 20:27




First observatory panel frame completed

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These two pictures show the first completed frame to carry a side panel for the new observatory. It is made from aluminium angle (L-section, and T-section for the lug shown) and bevelled oak strips. Two pieces of oak have been attached to permit panels to be mounted either side at an angle of 45 degrees. It is 89 cm wide and is the first of 11 different panels making up the sliding upper section on the west side of the mount. Each corner will eventually have identical lugs so that angle can be attached at 45 degrees to the panel shown. Looks like it will be a good few months before the enclosure is near completion!

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James Curry
James Curry, 2017 Oct 01 - 13:33 UTC

Hello Richard:

Any updates to construction you can share?


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