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Observation by Callum Potter: Practising for the Eclipse

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Callum Potter


Callum Potter


2017 Jul 22 - 09:24


2017 Jul 22 - 16:34




Practising for the Eclipse

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Not had much weekend Sun for a while to have a practice with setting up for recording the eclipse in August. 

So this is the basic setup - Canon 600D camera, with 70-300mm telephoto lens at 300mm, white light filter made from Baader AstroSolar film, on a SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini (SAM)

Set north using compass app on phone, and set the SAM to track at the solar rate, and it certainly kept the Sun centered for 20 minutes, and will probably do the whole duration of the eclipse without attention.

Plan is to use video mode, some short segments in the run up, then for 10-20 minutes during totality, then some short segments again on the run down.

Will use an iPhone to video wide-field too.

What could go wrong...

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