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Observation by David Swan: Bubble Nebula

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David Swan


David Swan


2017 Aug 10 - 21:51


2017 Aug 10 - 22:31



  • Scope: 200mm SCT at f/6.3
  • Camera: ASI178MM. Baader UV/IR cut
  • Software: Firecapture and DeepSkyStacker

100 x 5s subs


Tynemouth, UK

Target name

Bubble Nebula, NGC 7635


Bubble Nebula

About this image

Midpoint of capture 21:51 UT, 22:51 BST

This evening I had the 16bit box ticked in Firecapture. Wow, what a difference! The computer often crashes when stacking though.

* Correction: it is a 14bit output from the camera

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 Aug 13 - 08:07 UTC


Impressive amount of data given this is just 8 minutes with a CMOS sensor. Are you going to add more data to it? Why did you only go for 5 second exposures and not longer?

David Swan
David Swan, 2017 Aug 13 - 09:27 UTC

Hello - thanks. Yes, I seem to remember the wind was gusting that evening in my yard, so I decided to do much shorter exposures than I am able to do. This meant of course that I could just discard subs that were affected by movement of the rig. I do have RGB filters, so I must add colour to luminosity when I have the time! David

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