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Observation by Peter Meadows: Supernova in NGC 7187

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Peter Meadows


Peter Meadows


2017 Aug 18 - 17:08


2017 Aug 18 - 17:08



  • iTelescope T27

2 x 180s


Siding Spring, Australia

Target name

Supernova AT 2017gah


Supernova in NGC 7187

About this image

As described in 'The Astronomer' e-circular E3280, The Astronomer's Telegrams 10633 & 10639, a relatively bright supernova has been discovered in NGC 7178 (Pisces Austrinus). The team that made the discovery on 10th August 2017 includes astronomers from Queen's University, Belfast. Spectroscopy described in ATEL 10639 confirms the discovery as a Young Subluminous Type 1a supernovae, AT 2017gah, well before maximum light.

The image was obtained by iTelescope T27 in Siding Spring, Australia on 19th August 2017, clearly shows the supernova in the middle of the image as indicated by the two bars.

Astrometry/photometry of the supernovae based on 2 x 180s exposures using Astrometrica gives a position of RA = 22h 02m 42.42s, Dec = -32d 47' 33.3" (J2000) and V = 14.6. The southern declination of NGC 7187 means it is very difficult to observe from the UK.

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