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Observation by Paul Downing: Messier 76 - the Little Dumbbell

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Paul Downing, FRAS


Paul Downing


2017 Aug 19 - 00:00


2017 Aug 19 - 12:55


The Little Dumbbell Nebula (M76)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 01h42m
Dec: +51°33'
Position angle: -90°23'

Field size

0°24' × 0°18'

  • Planewave 12.5 inch scope
  • QSI 683 CCD

LRGB of 30:20:20:20 minutes


Alpujarra, Spain

Target name

Messier 76


Messier 76 - the Little Dumbbell

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 Aug 19 - 13:32 UTC

I do like the Little Dumbbell; nice work. How much data was collected for this?

Paul Downing, FRAS
Paul Downing, FRAS, 2017 Aug 21 - 13:05 UTC

30 minutes of Luminance in 5 min subs and 20 minutes each of RGB, also in 5 minute subs.  Glad you like it.  Take a look at the N6781 and N7008 I have posted from yesterday.

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