Observation by David Arditti: Solar eclipse montage 2017 August 21

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David Arditti


David Arditti


2017 Aug 21 - 17:19


2017 Sep 08 - 23:28


The Sun

  • 66mm refractor ~f11
  • Thousand Oaks Type 2+ glass filter
  • Canon EOS 350D camera
  • Skywatcher Star Adventurer mount



Jefferson College, Hillsboro, Missouri, USA

Target name

Total eclipse of the Sun


Solar eclipse montage 2017 August 21

About this image

The sky was clear from this site except for some cloud between first and second contacts. Shots of totality were not as sharp as those of the partial phases, due possibly to the large temperature change affecting the aluminium telescope. Soon after third contact a large gap in my image sequence occurred because I was bering interviewed on video by college people. I did plug the BAA!

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