Observation by Paul Anthony Brierley: Sadr region

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Paul Anthony Brierley


Paul Anthony Brierley


2017 Sep 01 - 09:35


2017 Sep 10 - 09:38



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Field centre

RA: 20h20m
Dec: +40°18'
Position angle: -0°18'

Field size

5°09' × 8°19'

  • Olympus Zuiko 135mm TF
  • astro modified Canon 1000D
  • Skywatcher SA
  • Optolong 2" UHC filter

20x180 seconds


Fernilee Buxton Derbyshire

Target name

NGC 1318 etal


Sadr region

About this image


Yesterday because of the inclement weather. I decided to re visit an image that I recently took from Fernilee reservoir, on 2017 09 01.

It is mostly centred around the bright magnitude 2.2 star Gamma Cygni.

I part processed this image in St (star tools) to get the balance right, then re - worked it in CS5, with a conversion to mono using.

Image-adjustments-black and white. I then selected the red filter option, to convert to mono.

I think this picture looks considerably better now than the previous colour version. The UHC filter that was used. Has been able to bring out the nebulosity, and shows more contrast in this mono version than in the colour image.

Notice how the object at the top of this picture that looks S shaped is in fact. DWB111. A bright nebula that is more commonly known as the Propeller nebula.

I didn't notice this in the colour image. Which is why I love, monochrome CCD imaging.


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