Observation by Paul Anthony Brierley: Images from Kelling Heath

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Paul Anthony Brierley


Paul Anthony Brierley


2017 Sep 19 - 21:08


2017 Oct 08 - 16:15


The Apple Core Nebula (M27)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h59m
Dec: +22°42'
Position angle: +163°23'

Field size

0°36' × 0°27'

  • AA Wave series 115 edt
  • AA 9x50 finder guider+QHY5L
  • Losmandy G11 with Gemini 1
  • 7nm Baader Ha filter
  • Atik 428ex

15x300 seconds


Kelling Heath ESP 2017

Target name

The Dumbbell Nebula


Images from Kelling Heath

About this image

The fabulous Kelling ESP in Norfolk has now passed. It was for me. The best week of the year. 

Clear skies aplenty, and darker than at home.

M27 is one huge planetary nebula that I wanted to capture, from a good dark sky. Tuesday evening and into the night. The skies were clear and good enough for me to gather enough data to do M27 justice.

As you can see. I have started to bring out the outta hydrogen shell. But I really need more skies to gather more data

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