Observation by Paul Anthony Brierley: B33 from Kelling

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Paul Anthony Brierley


Paul Anthony Brierley


2017 Sep 22 - 03:50


2017 Oct 08 - 16:28


The Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33)

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Field centre

RA: 00h03m
Dec: +25°18'
Position angle: -53°26'

Field size

5°16' × 4°00'

  • AA Wave series 115 edt
  • AA 9x50 finder guider+QHY5L
  • Losmandy G11 with Gemini 1
  • 7nm Baader Ha filter
  • Atik 428ex



Kelling Heath ESP 2017

Target name

Horse Head


B33 from Kelling

About this image

The night of 2017 September 21-22 was a memorable one.

We had light rain up to 23:00hrs Thursday. But as predicted. The skies cleared shortly before local midnight. The skies were crystal clear. I estimate the NELM was near +5.6 or possibly 6?

The skies were crystal clear. I estimate the NELM was near +5.6 or possibly 6?

It was so good. I stayed up ALL night. At 04:50 the day of the Equinox. I noticed the belt of Orion was now clear of the tree line. So I sent the AA 115EDT CCD combo to go and get B33's Ancient light.

What a pleasure seeing the Horse Head in the middle of September. And in mild weather too. On my computer screen.

I need more exposure time than 40 min. Twilight was fast approaching and I was beginning to feel fatigued. So made do with this.

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David Swan
David Swan, 2017 Oct 08 - 19:09 UTC

Great image. Nothing more needs to be said! David

Paul Anthony Brierley
Paul Anthony Brierley, 2017 Oct 13 - 05:24 UTC

Thanks David.

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