Observation by David Arditti: NGC 2903, 2018 January 19

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David Arditti


David Arditti


2018 Jan 19 - 03:11


2018 Jan 21 - 15:58



  • 356mm SCT
  • Astronomik CLS filter
  • Artemis 285 mono camera

12 x 5 minutes


Edgware, Middlesex, UK

Target name

NGC 2903


NGC 2903, 2018 January 19

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It seemed a very transparent night, and this was confirmed when I took test exposures of this object with the same equipment as I had on 2017 November 26: the background was far darker. Speaking to other members at the meeting on the 20th, they agreed the 18/19 had been remarkably transparent. I had a processing problem as the most recent flat frames I had were a couple of months old, and the dust bunnies had moved on the camera, so calibration was not perfect and I could not extract as much detail as I should have been able to. The uncalibrated stack shows much longer spiral arms. The LED lights are gradually coming to the streets round me now, but the effect these will have on deep-sky imaging still is not clear. Processing was with Deep Sky Stacker, Adobe Photoshop and GradientXTerminator.

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