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Observation by Kevin Gurney: Solar Ha first trials

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2018 Feb 24 - 16:30


2018 Mar 02 - 12:01


The Sun

  • Rother Valley Optics 80mm refractor
  • Daystar Quark Chromosphere filter
  • ZWO ASI224MC camera
  • MESU200 mount
  • AS!2, Pixinsight, Prism


Target name



Solar Ha first trials

About this image

So given the paucity of clear skies at night, I thought I would try and double my chances with some daytime viewing. I therefore invested in a Daystar Quark (Chromosphere) filter at this year's Astrofest :)

The picture shows early trials over two days in February... The first one (top) is hopelessy overexposed but does bring out the prominence (? I'm new to solar - so terms are uncertain). The second is better exposed..

Both sessions were done, of course, with a low winter sun, so much atmospheric turbulence was  present. I took 7s and  10s videos and stacked in AstroStakkert! 2.6.8, followed by some work in Pixinsight (which I had used for deep sky thus far). It's a whole new 'kettle  of worms' here with bright images...

The main operation was to to do a bit of filtering in the frequency domain, as the original suffered heavily from some kind of regular banding interference. This didn't seem to go away with defocussing, so I am hoping my new high quality USB3 lead will help. I have read about 'Newtons rings' but my banding was linear and diagonal (but any advice welcome). Then I used the PI multiscale linear transform (MLT, = 'wavelets') and some light stretching.

The camera is what I had to hand and is colour, so not ideal, but I'll push this a bit for now. I have installed an old motorised focus now as the images  here were taken by manual control (tweak, look at screen, tweak...!)

I am reading about Stonhurst disks and the like, so hope to make things a bit more useful in subsequent sessions.

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