Observation by Alan Tough: NGC 4755, the "Jewel Box"

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Alan Tough


2018 Mar 10 - 15:00


2018 May 20 - 20:36


The Jewel Box (NGC4755)

  • : iTelescope T31: Planewave 20" CDK
  • FLI ProLine PL09000 CCD camera
  • Planewave Ascension 200 HR mount

Luminance = 3 x 180 seconds; RGB = 3 x 60 seconds per filter


Siding Spring, Australia

Target name

NGC 4755


NGC 4755, the "Jewel Box"

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Alan writes "The Jewel Box (NGC 4755, Caldwell 94) is a magnificent open cluster in the southern constellation Crux. To image this object, I logged on remotely to iTelescope T31 at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. 

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