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Observation by Kevin Gurney: Milky way in Cygnus

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2018 May 18 - 14:49


2018 Aug 02 - 14:59


The Milky Way

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 20h17m
Dec: +38°08'
Position angle: -19°34'

Field size

6°34' × 4°23'

  • Canon EF 200mm L II USM
  • Canon 600D modified
  • Astrotrac TT320X-AG
  • PixInsight 1.8 Ripley, BackyardEOS

20 x 60s at f5.6


Culloden camp site, Nr Inverness

Target name

Sadr and surrounding milky way


Milky way in Cygnus

About this image

I try to never go camping without some kind of astro gear... Having to travel light(er) this time, I took the DSLR, 200mm lens and the astrotrac mount. The milky way makes a great subject with this wide field rig. The area shown includes:

Milky way  around gamma Cyg (Sadr), crescent nebula, M29 and Ha regions around Sadr itself (curiously lacking catalogue numbers...?).

The sky was not that dark - not because this site isn't remote, but because at this time of year, and this far north, it never really gets dark at all. Further north still, and in June, the 'night' was simply a continual twilight. Nevertheless, there was just enough darkness here, that something worthwhile emerged after some processing.

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