Observation by Paul Whitmarsh: M57 going deep

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Paul Whitmarsh


Paul Whitmarsh


2018 May 22 - 03:00


2018 Dec 02 - 00:00


The Ring Nebula (M57)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 18h53m
Dec: +33°00'
Position angle: -0°52'

Field size

0°20' × 0°15'

  • Camera - Starlight Xpress H694
  • Telescope - Altair Astro GSO 10" F8
  • Astronomik LRGB (CCD) filters
  • Starlight Xpress OAG


Target name



M57 going deep

About this image

The image shows the outer shell of M57, NGC 1296 and also CGMW 5-08786 and 2MASX J18530959+3305385.

Processing was a logarithmic stretch extract from Maxim DL followed by selective reduction of exposure levels for the bright ring then increasing the inner section of the Ring.  
I was not aware of  CGMW 5-08786 or 2MASX J18530959+3305385 until I processed the image, and they stood out as odd. I checked the location using Aladin and then NED gave me the identifications.
The data was collected over 10 nights between 4th to the 22nd May 2018.
The image is a LRGB Composite of ...
L -  25h 50m 
R -   2h 15m (2x2Bin)
G -   2h 15m (2x2Bin)
B -    2h 15m (2x2Bin)
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