Observation by Paul Whitmarsh: M57 going deep - Reprocessed

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Paul Whitmarsh


Paul Whitmarsh


2018 May 22 - 03:00


2019 Jan 01 - 02:09


The Ring Nebula (M57)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 18h53m
Dec: +33°00'
Position angle: -0°51'

Field size

0°20' × 0°16'

  • Camera - Starlight Xpress H694
  • Telescope - Altair Astro GSO 10" F8
  • Astronomik LRGB (CCD) filters
  • Starlight Xpress OAG

Total 26h 5m



Target name



M57 going deep - Reprocessed

About this image

I know this is a repost of an earlier image, but I thought it would be interesting to be able to compare two compare two processing methods, I welcome all comments and suggestions on how to improve my image processing. I've been learning to use Pixinsight, I reprocessed my M57 from last year I rejected more bad data reducing the luminescence to 18 Hours 50 Minutes, RGB 2h 25m per channel.

There is much more detail in the Ring, with the outer older portion of the Ring more easily identifiable. I'm also happier with the colour balance

The image shows the outer shell of M57, NGC 1296 and also CGMW 5-08786 and 2MASX J18530959+3305385.

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