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Observation by James Dawson: Fireball

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James Dawson


James Dawson


2018 Aug 10 - 20:36


2018 Aug 11 - 16:08

  • Canon 6d
  • 14mm Samyang lens

15 second exposure, ISO 1600, f/4


Cotgrave, Nottingham



About this image

Very slow moving meteor, I counted 5-6 seconds, but it spanned two frames on my DSLR which I've merged together and calculated it would have been visible for nearer 10 seconds. Had a very fiery orange glow and a prominent burning tail. I've labeled the stars and plotted the path as observed from my location. Several reports of a fireball on the IMO website at the same time. I wonder if it was space junk of some description. Looks very unimpressive in this widefield image.

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