Observation by Peter Meadows: The Perseids are here...

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Peter Meadows


2018 Aug 11 - 01:43


2018 Aug 11 - 20:23



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Field centre

RA: 03h10m
Dec: +41°14'
Position angle: -43°51'

Field size

44° × 28°

  • Imaging Source DMK 31 Camera
  • Opticstar 2.8 to 12.0mm f1.4 Lens

9 x 9.7s


Galleywood, Essex

Target name

Perseids Meteors


The Perseids are here...

About this image

The image shows two Perseid meteors near the radiant at 02:43 & 02:44 UT on 11th August 2018 is from a composite of nine 9.7s images using a fixed Imaging Source DMK 31 camera. The start time for the lower meteor was 02:43:31 UT while for the upper meteor was 02:44:49 UT.  A faint train can be seen in a subsequent image for the brighter meteor (not shown). The bright star towards the lower left is Capella in Auriga.

Alas the weather is not looking good for tonight (11th/12th) and tomorrow night (12th/13th) from Essex.

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