Observation by Nick James: Perseid meteor

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Nick James


2018 Aug 14 - 01:59


2018 Aug 14 - 20:19



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Field centre

RA: 02h52m
Dec: +35°01'
Position angle: -48°00'

Field size

16° × 12°

  • Sony A7s, Canon 85mm, f/1.2L

1/25s at ISO 60000


Chelmsford, UK

Target name

Perseid meteor


Perseid meteor

About this image

These are frames from a 25fps video. Each frame has an exposure of 1/25s and you get to see a lot more of what is happening to the meteor as it burns up compared to a B&W video or still image. The stellar limiting mag in video frames with this system is around 9.5. The green line behind the vaporizing meteoroid comes from neutral oxygen emission high in the atmosphere. This is visible for several seconds after the event and it is affected by high altitude winds. Some video of example events taken with this system during this year's Perseids is here.

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