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Observation by Denis Buczynski: Aurora at Tarbatness

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Denis Buczynski


Denis Buczynski


2018 Aug 16 - 00:10


2018 Aug 16 - 12:54



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Field centre

RA: 04h37m
Dec: -61°11'
Position angle: -89°52'

Field size

0°09' × 0°06'

  • Samyang 14mm f/2.8+Canon 1000D



Tarbatness Highland Scotland

Target name



Aurora at Tarbatness

About this image
ello all, There was an auroral display seen here at Tarbatness last night. It was first seen as a brightening behind heavy cloud in the north at local midnight. The clouds then cleared to show a bright green arc about 5-10 degrees above the northern and north western horizon. This quickly became very active around 01:10 UT with bright rays and beams rising to about 30 degrees high. The colour of these bright rays looked blue to the naked eye but images showed them to be more purple in hue.Some curtaining was seen with motions along the arc from east to west. The display subsided after this active phase with only the green arc seen, Activity then re-invigorated at around 01:50 UT with more rays seen to about 20 degrees high. The activity again subsided and but was still visible in the rapidly brightening dawn light when imaging ceased. This was the first display seen here at Tarbatness since skies became dark again after the summer break due to all night twilight.Image attached from the brightest phase of the display. Denis Buczynski
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