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Observation by Colin Henshaw: Anomalous Daytime Object (1)

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Colin Henshaw


Colin Henshaw


2018 Aug 17 - 12:46


2018 Aug 23 - 08:31

  • Canon 6D Camera.
  • 135mm Carl Zeiss Telephoto Lens.

1/1000sec at 400ASA at f5.6.


House 7A, Briga Township, Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Target name

Anomalous Daytime Object


Anomalous Daytime Object (1)

About this image

This object was first spotted with the naked eye as I was imaging the Moon and Jupiter together in daylight. It appeared stellar, and moved in a west to east direction away from the Moon. It appeared stellar to the naked eye but when I grabbed my binoculars, it seemed to have some structure. It was not a high flying aeroplane, nor did it appear to have the motion of a balloon. After a couple of minutes I lost track of it. I checked the predictions for the I.S.S. on, but and there was a pass of the I.S.S. predicted, but not at the time of this observation. It could have been some unreported bright satellite. On inspecting the image, the object seemed to be binary, with some suggestion of the object(s) rotating. There definitely appeared to be some space between the objects on some of the images. I remain perplexed.  

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