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Observation by Eric Watkins: New RCB star (IRAS 03536+6235)

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Eric Watkins


Eric Watkins


2018 Sep 02 - 02:14


2018 Sep 05 - 20:47

  • C14 Edge 0.356m @F7.7
  • ME II Paramount GEM
  • QSI 532 ccd camera binned 2x2 (1"/pix)
  • R photometric filter
  • Seeing ~2.3" - 3" Some low,thin cloud



North Essex

Target name

IRAS 03536+6235


New RCB star (IRAS 03536+6235)

About this image

Gary Poyner's BAA forum topic calling for observations of a new RCB star, IRAS 03536+6235, prompted me to take several images using both V and Rc filters at 60sec exposures with the target being at an altitude of 71deg.

Using Astrometrica with  5" aperture radius I determined a Vmag of 14.84 +/- 0.03 and a Rmag of 13.66 +/- 0.01  and a colour  (V-R) =1.18 +/- 0.03

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