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Observation by Paul Anthony Brierley: A comet from 1996

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Paul Anthony Brierley


Paul Anthony Brierley


2018 Sep 16 - 11:20


2018 Sep 16 - 11:21

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Field centre

RA: 03h14m
Dec: +47°08'
Position angle: -3°07'

Field size

6°26' × 6°02'


A comet from 1996

About this image
Good afternoon all,
Back in 1996, we had an unexpected comet.  Comet Hyakutake to be precise. I can well remember seeing it night after night. Despite the glow of the Moon, that was getting larger. It was very bright despite the light pollution.
This scan from a print of mine was taken from the Staffordshire Roaches when C1996 was in Perseus. The camera was, I think, an Olympus OM1 with a 135mm OM lens. I had this mounted to a Vixen GP mount. The film was 400 asa, the brand I think was Fuji.
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