Observation by Leo Aerts: Sirius and the "pup"

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Leo Aerts


2018 Oct 10 - 04:00


2019 Feb 09 - 10:32



  • Celestron 14” scope at prime focus
  • ZWO ASI 290MM webcam

Heist op den Berg, Belgium

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Sirius and the "pup"

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Leo notes that the ‘ key to success’ in observing this close and difficult pair is not transparency, but good seeing conditions.  When the air is calm Sirius B pops up in good contrast to Sirius A.  When seeing deteriorates the companion is not seen.  On October 10th 2018 conditions were perfect.  There was also a reason why he chose the early morning to observe Sirius.  October has warmer night time temperatures than in the middle of winter, and cold night temperature are often disastrous for good seeing conditions.  Sirius also culminated in early October.   Leo used a ZWO AS290 webcam at prime focus at about 5 fps, with a gain of about 80%.  He stacked about 300 images out of 2000.

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