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Observation by Andrew Jeffries: North America Nebula

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Andrew Jeffries


Andrew Jeffries


2018 Nov 04 - 20:15


2019 Apr 12 - 22:25


The North America Nebula (NGC7000)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 21h00m
Dec: +44°05'
Position angle: +88°11'

Field size

3°14' × 2°09'

  • Canon Eos 6D with 100-400 zoom lens
  • HEQ5 pro mount unguided

16 x 120s lights


South East Wales

Target name



North America Nebula

About this image

This was another shoot and hope episode and I honestly didn't expect too much.  but when the first image showed on the screen I could see something which encouraged me to keep going.  After stacking the 16 exposures I had a reasonable image.  But then I carried out some basic preprocessing in lightroom exported the images as .tif files and ended up with a better result.  

My search for Mac based software led me to the Mac Observatory website and to starry sky stacker.  Not only was this faster at stacking than DSS but after I had edited the image in Lightroom ended up with this result.

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